Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Diana: July 1st, 1961-August 31st, 1997

I must confess & I must admit, for quite a long time, I have admired the beauty & elegance of this woman.

Kate Middleton ain't got nothing on Princess Diana.

The British Royal Family probably killed this woman, but I will say this, Princess Diana was a beautiful woman:)

R.I.P. Princess Diana:)

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  1. She was beautiful and so down to earth. Refreshing coming from someone of her status, definitely.

    I have researched a lot and discovered that she may have been murdered by the Masons in relation to this 'New World Order' - the Masons own the private banks in the US. Since around 1934 the Masons owned the government, because of money and they designed the money we have today. Check out the back of a $1 bill to see all the hidden symbols in it, all designed by the Masons with their mention of a 'New World Order' to happen in the future. New World Order - one world, one government, one religion (Paganism), one police, etc. Diana did not approve of joining this order and was warned she may be killed. She died shortly afterwards. Accident? I think not! - do you see the twin towers gradually collapsing and disappearing into a cloud of smoke? - again, this was put on our money in 1934! - Did the Masons know this would happen? Did they plan it? Depopulation as part of New World order? Hmmmmm....

    I have tons of info I researched if you want it?: