Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Career Day

It was career day at a local elementary, and a police officer was saying to the children, that if someone took them captive, and detained them somewhere, and then asked that their parents pay them ransom money, that is illegal because its kidnapping and extortion. So one of the children raised their hand saying Mr. Officer I have a question, and the officer said I see your name tag says Pookie, go ahead Pookie proceed with your question. Pookie then said, I would like to report a kidnapping, then the officer said when did this kidnapping take place? Pookie replied, everyday, because I see guys in uniforms like yours, kidnapping people from my block, but you call it arresting, then they are detained in a car until they get to a jail, to where they are then held hostage, until someone makes their bail, which is give ransom money for their release, but yet its not call extortion nor illegal, but rather guys in your uniform call it a career.

By Macquirelatory Dey

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